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If you travel it takes you away from your things you are most interested in such as for me:

cycling with friends
working on my cars in my own garage
solid relationship with a cool chick
watching sports over beers with friends during the week
staying on top of rental homes during the week so my weekends are still free

Think about your hobbies and other personal items like mail, bills laundry and other such bs and now start thinking of always having to deal with that crap on Sat or Sunday sometime before having to hit the road again Sunday evening or Monday morning 7 am flight. It will turn your weekend into a one night event.

Also, depending on the city you live in there can be up to 20 to 30 percent of the time your flight back on Friday could be hacked up with delays and such so you end up getting home well after 6 or 7pm on Friday night.

I've lived on the road for a 3 year stint and another tour closer to 18 months so hit me up if you have any specific questions in PM.

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