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question about dress shirts:
what exactly is the most important aspect when it comes to proper fit?

for example, i frequently read that the cuff should be tight enough so that you'd need to unbutton the cuff to take the shirt off. is that really a big deal? short of getting custom-tailored shirts, it's not like you can really control the cuff size of the shirts you buy. it just seems like a trivial part of a properly-fitted shirt.

also, i've read that you should be able to fit no more than two fingers in the collar when the top button is buttoned. personally, i find this to be extremely tight and restricting and i feel like it's ten degrees hotter in the room when my collar is that tight. plus it's kinda hard to button the top button when the collar is that tight. thus, i buy my collars slightly larger (i could probably fit in a 16, but i get 16.5). does this have a noticeable effect on the overall look/fit of my shirts?
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