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Originally Posted by A4RingedONE8T View Post
He's not 10 min from us With the 35R on this setup, even billet wheel, 1.06 a/r, 600whp is going to be the max it will see right now even with the turbo balls deep. It should have no problem supporting that, what more than that I don't know, its just my guess. Two 044's with two separate 6an lines to the rail, I really don't think they'd have a problem supporting to 4 digits.
With race gas and meth, two Bosch 044 pumps is probably fine. You may be able to get by with THREE 044's. To be easy on the pump demands, you need FOUR 044 pumps to support 1000hp with E85 is Aeromotive's calculation.

You need at least 1250lph, to flow enough E85 to make 1000 HP according to the tech department at Areomotive. Even their Eliminator pump is on the edge according to them. They recommended TWO A1000's in parallel just to be safe and not stress the maximum limits of the pumps.
That is a bit overkill we thought. But they may have a point. We fortunately have the capability of opening a couple valves to add in an A1000 so it runs parallel with the Eliminator. I wont be at 1000HP so I likely will not need the extra volume. But it is available.

A single Eliminator rated at 1250lph will deliver 900 some pounds per hour of fuel. They calculate that 1090 pounds of fuel is necessary to reach 1000 HP with E85.
If Bosch 044 are rated at 300lph(is that correct?) then you would need four of them for E85.
It is extremely common to underestimate the sheer volume of E85 needed for the really big HP numbers. Even Aeromotive's fairly large Fuel Pressure Regulator is too small. It flows only 600lbs of the nearly 1100 bls/hr needed for E85. They insist the HUGE PRO EFI FPR is needed for E85 and four digits of HP.

Having a dual feed of two 6AN fittings coming in from both sides of the fuel rail is simply awesome. But consider what those really not so big Bosch pumps will max out at and what volume your FPR will pass.

My source is the mutliple emails and conversations with Aeromotive Tech Department. Even if they are not exactly perfect with their calculations, you have to think that the actual volume needed is massive and often more than most people think.
Its better to have too much pump working easily than not enough pump maxed out. I would definitely be running four 044's or far better a single A1000 and one 044. Use the Billet pump controller for the A1000 to keep the noise down.

But this build is still with a GTX3582R? Is that 700HP max? Two Bosh 044's will probably be OK. No problem on gas. If I were running a LOT of E85 and running the motor up often, I would love a third pump just to alleviate the strain on running two pumps. I think a dual 044 set up might be maxed out and possibly wear out faster than if you had three pumps not working so hard. That is simply my opinion on saving on wear and tear.

Congrats on an awesome build. Shawn;s fabrication work is incredible. I cant wait to see his tubular manis in action with some LARGER turbo chargers. They may totally change the face of turbo S54 efficiency and maximim HP output.

Shawn, I would just LOVE to see a nice fat hollow AFE air filter sitting right where you have that smallish K&N.

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