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Originally Posted by MarcusLSB View Post
Many of us have made 1000hp on 3 04x pumps. Trevors car on two pumps will hit his goals w/o issue. Later on if he decides to build the motor I'm sure he'll go high compression and still be fine on two pumps. The goals of this car are not dragging, more street occasional track use and the current setup meets that just fine.
I thought 3 would be adequate, but its my thoughts that they are pretty maxed out on E85 at four digits. I personally would run a fourth pump or a different set up, just so the fuel system isnt strained. Its me being overly cautious I guess.

When just one of those three pumps starts getting weak you could run into problems fast. I like having a LOT of pump in reserve. I think its safer for everything in the long run. It doesn't break the ban to add a little more pump volume. That's all.
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