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Originally Posted by LeMansteve View Post
Its odd that you are having the push-through problem on just one side. On the passenger's side it appears the rubber is completely separating from the stationary metal mount. That's very bad for your mount, and prevents the shock from doing its job correctly. Are you positive you installed all the proper washers onto the shock in the correct direction and correct position? If so, you probably have a defective mount that should be returned and replaced with a new part. What brand did you install? Installing "good stuff" can't hurt. Meyle makes RSMs that are designed specifically to prevent the push-through you are experiencing.

Installing a rear strut tower bar is a band-aid and may not even help your problem anyway - depending on how it installs onto the car. Typically they mount onto the threaded studs coming out of the rear shock mounts. Mounting in this way would do nothing extra to prevent the rubber from pushing through.
Actually I am missing bump-stop on one of the struts and one washer is missing as well. Does the bump-stop makes a huge difference, and washers?
also how much torque should be applied, is that a deal breaker as well?( i tighed up decent)
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