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Originally Posted by MarcusLSB View Post
The way its setup in my car is additional pumps only come online at certain rpm's.. I cannot recall the rpm triggers at the moment.. but with the ProEFI I believe you can trigger secondary pumps based on fuel pressure (when fuel pressure drops turn on the secondary pump), boost or rpm.. maybe other variables as well.. you don't want to run 4 pumps (in parallel or series for that matter) at all times on a car that only needs them on occasion...

Maybe I'm completely off basis but regulating 4 pumps all the time seems like a bad idea.. you'd likely over run your fpr.
Pump triggers? That is so cool! I love it! No way. I would never run 4 pumps. I was using that as an illustration of flow.

Yes, I know I wrote somewhere a lot depends on if you plan on running the motor maxed out a lot (Drag racing, lots ot HPDE, Lots of Mexico runs).
Ordinary street use with occasional pulls will call for having much less pump in reserve since you wont be stressing the fuel system very often. That all plays into how certain systems are designed. Yes, I totally agree.

For a 1000 HP I would run a single eliminator on a Billet pump controller with a Pro Series Areomotive FPR. That can go from idle right to 1000HP no problem. The controler hanldles the pump well. You cant over flow that FPR with a single 1250lph pump.
Another option is a single Bosch 044 and an A1000 on a Billet pump controller. Both in parallel. The A1000 in the trunk with sound shield or under the car.
You have to run the same PRO Series EFI FPR. The normal FPRs stop flowing well after 600lbs/hr of the 1090lbs/hr of E85 needed to sustain 1000hp.

If youn have the Pro EFI ECU from Jason,. then the possibilities for even more control and quiet are possible. I like that feature! I probably would take advantage of that feature and design the fuel pump set up differently than what I wrote above. Those big pumps, even with fuel pump controllers can be a bit noisy. Having smaller pumps and the ability to shut one of them down completely is a very cool way to go. I really like that.

Note to all: Do not confuse Aeromotive's Pro Series EFI Fuel Pump Regulator(FPR) with Jasons ECU called PRO-EFI....two totally different things.

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