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Finished up the front clip mounting points tonight. Where we left off last time was here, with the new front wheel well panels welded in place:

Then I added some bracing to the rear of the new panels. This ensures that they will have the necessary sturdiness to not move around or deflect as the car drives around. The bracing consists of two parts. First I welded a strip of 18ga x 0.75" metal down the outer edge, then triangulated the lower outside corner to the frame rails with some thin wall square tubing.

Then I remounted the front clip so I could locate the new mounting plates and holes.

Then I made up the new mounting tabs. This will be welded onto the front clip and attach it to front panels of the wheel well.

Test fitting before welding in place:

Drilled the mounting holes in the tabs. Once tacked in place I can transfer the holes to the chassis so I know they will be in line.

Here are the new mounting plates welded in place. As you can see I also made upper and lower braces to help strengthen it. How the passenger side looks:

And the driver's side:

I also got some goodies from the fatherland in this week. A bunch of new fasteners:

And new sheet metal for the rocker panel area. Now that I got these in I can locate the rear fender flares and finish up that area of the car.

Last but not least, a little teaser. I've got some goodies coming in the next week that should really start to pull the car together. No pics yet, but the waiting is half the fun lol.
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