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Originally Posted by TerraPhantm View Post
Looks more or less right to me. The expansion of water will be slightly different since the rate of expansion varies with the absolute temperature, but those numbers are close enough for our purposes.

Not sure I agree with your conclusion though. Higher overall temperatures will only increase the risk of warping. If the boiling point was lower, the overall temperature will not exceed the boiling point until the coolant is converted to a gas.
I disagree with what I put in bold. Metal warps from dissimilar expansion, not just heat. Heat metal evenly and it expands and contracts evenly with no stresses. A good example is people popping out dents with the spray from a computer duster bottle turned upside down.

Though the temperature of the coolant may not go passed the boiling point, the formation of vapor drastically reduces heat transfer from the metal of the engine to the coolant, so the engine will get much hotter than the coolant. Once a vapor bubble or pocket forms, the heat transfer rate goes from 0.58 watts per meter-kelvin to 0.016 , 97% slower. So pretty huge difference in cooling if there is a vapor pocket somewhere.

Originally Posted by SeanC View Post
Umm. Why come after me? You made a point without proving it first, and when you did prove it, it was already proven? So thanks for repeating what has already been done I only wish you did it before so we didn't have to do it.
lol, why are your panties in a bunch? I haven't insulted you yet, nor have I even responded to you.

Originally Posted by WDE46 View Post
I looked at it and your numbers were reasonable to me.
Ok, if people aren't going to argue with me, I'm just going to leave.

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