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Originally Posted by amirmehrabi View Post
He does euro cars only (BMW, AUDi etc), a bit of a dodgy guy though. I have changed mechanics since then.

Thank you very much guys, I will search the DIY forums and try and change the oil, air filter myself.

Edit: I found a DYI for oil change but non for air filter change, Could someone please link me?

Dude, who did you take your car to? AutoMasters? AutoBahn? Ultratune? Lubemobil? Pretty much anyone that puts those old school service stickers on your windscreen shouldn't be servicing your BMW. All those guys don't even have GT-1 scanner or any BMW OBDII scanner hence can't even look for or diagnose any stored faults. PS they put any kind of oil/filter in it instead of the recommended one. Oh and if they do replace stuff, it'll be most likely after market crap and not the OEM BMW since AutoClassic would be way too expensive for them to make a profit.

Even 3MW which should be one of the better independent BMW service places uses aftermarket parts. I made the mistake of taking my car there once, they replaced the parts with the after market ones and didn't even tell me about it; took it back to AutoClassic and got them replaced with the OEM ones. They also did the brake fluid bleed, I had shocking air bubbles in the brake pedal afterwards, took it back and they told me it's all normal. I had enough of their bullsh!t, took the car back to AutoClassic and re-did the brake fluid bleed, the brakes have been excellent ever since since then.

Bite the bullet and take your car to AutoClassic if you want your BMW to perform at it's best. It is expensive, but that's the price you pay if you want a good BMW
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