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Originally Posted by PatmanSC View Post
I kept upgrading.

Things have broken but nothing related to the HPF upgrade.
I think the OP was talking about getting stuck somewhere, broken down because of a failed HPF component like a failed sump pump.
Or a feature not working like the meth system due to failed wiring or failed meth pump. Not that these things are meant to last forever, but have any failures happened before they should have or did they result in a tow or series of tows?

That is what I THINK most people mean when they talk about something being reliable.

I would not include items failing like stock axles or OEM clutches because the owners have not upgraded them to match the increase in HP. That is not the fault of the kit. Any items that might fail because of increase in HP should be reinforced or replaced with a specialty component.

Reliability is sort of subjective. It is a difficult question to answer sort of. You now have a LOT more parts, so that right there increases the odds of failed components.

If you are constantly chasing problems and the car is always in the shop or your garage, then there is a reliability issue. Occasional problems and even the odd tow can be chalked up to price to pay for super high performance.
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