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Originally Posted by vI6ious View Post
I was referring to the Washington Post article BJ linked in.

anyways, it's all opinionated
true true. BJ's article is also a x might by y and y might be z and z might be a which might be b which may have a tie to F which is therefore a direct connection to X... it's math

Originally Posted by simsima325 View Post
How about Romney meeting the SEAL who died in Benghazi? Ppl at that party recount it differently, saying Romney introducing himself to the SEAL a couple times, because he forgot he had already met him. If this isn't politicizing the death of a fine American for points in the fvcking race for PRESIDENT, I don't know what is.

SEAL's friends and mother have made statements condemning this use of their loved ones death.

Soon as I heard him saying that, I was like, uh oh, this is gonna get bad.
I just found the story weird in general... how does a high profile guy "end up at the wrong christmas party"... It just makes him look bad all around.

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