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According to this thread:

the specs are:
M68 Doublespoke- Styling 68
front: 7.5x17 - 225/45R17 - 41 offset (BMW PN: 36 11 2 229 180, $447) 9.7kg=21.4lbs
rear: 8.5x17 - 245/40R17 - 50 offset (BMW PN: 36 11 2 229 135, $505) 9.92kg=21.9lbs

Looks like that is backed up by The snows I'm looking at are 8" wide with 29 offset I believe.

If I have this calc right...

Rear stock: 166mm protrusion (distance the wheel sticks out measured from the hub)
Rear snow: 174mm protrusion
Snows are 8mm closer to fender

Front stock: 149mm protrusion
Front snow: 174mm protrusion
Snows are 25mm closer to fender

It's been a while since I did a calc like this, can anyone verify? If I'm right it seems like I'd probably have a problem in the front.

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