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Originally Posted by wasted0087 View Post
I went to the Dealership for the first time after purchasing my vehicle used about 7.5k miles ago. (I would have gone sooner but haven't gotten the chance as it is so far away from where I live).
I got a courtesy check and these are the problems that were listed,

Cylinder Head Cover Gaskets Why in the world do they want to change the head gasket??? By this do you mean the valve cover gasket? If yes, DIY, it's easy.

Oil Filter Housing Gasket DIY, it's easy

Both Outer CV Boots (Cracked) Indy shop to get it done, DIY isn't hard but is time consuming the first time.

Brake Pads and Rotors on the front DIY, it's really really easy.

Brake Fluid DIY, this is the easiest yet. Buy a brake bleed kit and have at it.

Drive Belts DIY, if you can't do this, return the car.

With the first three and Drive BeltsI'm just going to have the dealership do what they have to do to replace them.

With the Brake Fluid I was thinking about using either Motul Brake Fluid; the brake pads and rotors I was looking at Textar or Akebono pads and Stoptech Rotors.

I'm very open to opinions, let me know different suggestions.
See above. Buy a set of tools if you don't already have one and get to work. It's not hard, read some DIYs, ask some questions, and have some fun (and beer). Welcome to the joys of owning an older BMW.

I think any DOT4 brake fluid is fine, Motul is a good brand. FWIW, I use ATE Blue. I'd do BMW rotors and Textar pads.

Do NOT take your car to the dealership unless there is recall work to do. They WILL rip you off in every way possible. Find a trusted indy shop (check the WI forum in the regional section for references) and go that route.

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