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Originally Posted by n3985 View Post
You need to find out where the leak is from first, this changes the repair amount greatly.
The dealer is going to be a ripoff for this, find a good independent.

There are 4 seals it could be leaking from, front (driveshaft), sides (axles), rear (cover).

The axle seals can be replaced easily without removing much:

The driveshaft and rear seals probably require pulling the whole differential:

Yet both of those look like 2-4hr jobs + parts/fluids, so $1200 sounds ridiculous unless the M3 diff seals are made of gold.

For reference, I had all the seals replaced on my Mercedes a few years ago for < $500 inc parts. To do that required pulling the axle shafts which is more involved than the M3 where they are just bolted on.
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