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The affidavit was an interesting read, to say the least.

Taken responsibly, I see no problem with diligent and well-researched steroid use. Like dwass mentioned, people fear what they don't understand and draw conclusions based on opinions that are usually uninformed and complety irrational.

Also, after reading the affidavit I can't help but feel for the guy. I mean here he is watching the overwhelming majority of his competition partaking in PEDs and soaring past him, not to mention that nearly every colleague/teamate on the various teams he rode for either used or encouraged the use of PEDs. Its a bit of a no-win situation for them. They're held to these unbelievable standards (which, arguably, could have been a result of unknown PED use at the time). If they decide to stay out of it and go natural then they suck to their fans (and country) once they start losing to everybody. If they decide to take the drugs then they are parriahs and charlatans once they are caught.

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