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Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
Koyo as I understand it is a supplier to auto manufacturers.
You def got lucky, seems like Autozone stocks better parts in Houston and SoCal! figures...

Here is Flashtwosix's post from the other thread:

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Originally Posted by E46Mango
Good tips. did you find tapping the new bearing on to seat it to be difficult? thats the only part i'm a little cloudy on but i'm sure as with anything is easy once you're actually doing it. Also where/how much did you purchase your TImken bearings from? i'm debating on where to buy mine and what brand. Timken=F.A.G.? 100%?

And did you need a slide hammer or 2-jaw puller to remove?
hey won't believe this but the hardest part was removing the brake caliper because the 16mm is sometime seized. my front passenger 16mm was so seized that I broke THREE breaker bars.

tapping the bearing was very easy. just use plenty of grease and use an over size socket so you can cover the inner race.

I bought my Timken from autozone for $47 each. Autozone charges different prices based on your geographic location so just change the store to get the cheaper price and get it shipped to your house for FREE (free shipping over $100).

The Timken bearing is either = unknown (verfied by bimmer garage, myself), *** (verified the OP) or Koyo (Japan) (verified by me)

*** is the OE supplier for BMW wheel bearing.

the only special tool you need for the front is the correct socket size to remove the wheel bearing collar nut. also, you need a new collar nut since the old one can't be reuse (technically)."
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