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Originally Posted by ilkercatal View Post
Actually I am missing bump-stop on one of the struts and one washer is missing as well. Does the bump-stop makes a huge difference, and washers?
also how much torque should be applied, is that a deal breaker as well?( i tighed up decent)
Originally Posted by doggy View Post
check this:
what parts are you missing? the bits you dont need are: 8,11,14,16,17,19 but you need everything else. From your video, either the shock mount is REALLY poor quality or 6 is missing.

If you are missing the bumpstop then probably also missing dust shield which protects the piston from dirt & if your shocks are cheap or worn, you risk tearing the shock towers
OP - yes the bump stop makes a difference. Go to the link provided by doggy. It is critical that items #4, 5, 6 and 12 are installed in the correct order and direction as shown in the diagram. You also really need to have the dust boots in place.

The bump stop (4) is designed for one end to fit snugly inside the dust boot (3). There is an interlocking groove that allows the two parts to fit together.
Washer (5) will rest inside the top of the bump stop, and should sit on a groove on the shock rod.
Washer (6) fits upside-down around the top of the bump stop
You already have the last washer in place correctly (12)
While you are in there, might as well replace gasket (9) and all self-locking hardware (10, 13, 2) and probably the lower shock bolt.

Torque requirements are:
Rear shock to trailing arm - 44 ft/lb
Rear shock to upper mount - 10 ft/lb
Rear shock upper mount to body M8 self-locking nuts - 21 ft/lb
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