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Originally Posted by trizzuth View Post
Love these wheels, just not for my car.

What do I love even more? Spent the real money on getting some REAL BBS's that are gorgeous. Slaps some Nankangs on there.

I think you should lose the UUC and Bilstein stickers on your fender too, and when you eventually get a full respray, get that hood imola red as well, and she'll be proper then.
My cars updated haha. No stickers. That's an old pic. My sig is kinda recent. I've had the wheels for 3 years and my first tires were continental contisports. It's daily driven and those tires wentout in a year. These nankangs have lasted me 2 years and counting. The tires I think aren't bad. My whole cars getting resprayed next year and that whats ill be doing.

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