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Originally Posted by cosmos///m3 View Post
Meh... Its all here say... They are all similar in the end. Take it to a dyno and get it tuned specifically for your car then possibily. I think out of the box its apple to apple.

Its like saying one 600cc motorcycle is better than the next. In the end they are identical and comes down to the driver
Originally Posted by Andy2108 View Post
Don't forget that brad's car made 341whp...
They are not identical at all. With the money you spend on the bimmerworld tune you get one re- tune or atleast you did when i bout mine.

You pre dyno with all adaptations cleared. Send them the file with a mod list. Then they send it back. You then dyno again and send it back with the new file. They tweak it amd send it back again. The evolve tune does not do this, it is a true canned tune. The epic is a bit more, thus you get more from it.

Originally Posted by Andy2108 View Post
yeah my m3's numbers are way low. I'm hopeing its due to my exhuast and tune and not due to some old damage from the nitrous.

I'm not too sure what's going on up top with the cobra. maybe it was falling apart because it was running so rich.
Your m numbers are very low. I would have a compression test done just to be safe and re dyno at modified.
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