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Originally Posted by dwass325 View Post
I'm not suggesting we ban genetic freaks. I'm suggesting, if someone has an advantage that's easily replicable through science, we allow the others to match that advantage.
We could debate that principle for a while and I bet we'd find a lot of common ground.

But in practice, doesn't that sound like a potential mess? Whose HGH or testosterone levels will athletes be allowed to match via supplements? The highest ever? The highest that season? If we establish a "norm", are we going to have a handicapping method for those that are naturally higher than the norm?

Biochemistry and it's resultant abilities is a complex equation. Are we very quickly just going to let an athlete supplement their biochemistry until they can achieve certain resullts? If you can run a 4.4 naturally, you're done, but if you run a 4.6, you can use whatever you need to use until you can run a 4.4?

I realize that it might take several hundred posts if we got really into detail, but just in a general sense, how do you envision such a system being implemented?
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