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Originally Posted by Bdave View Post
MrBlonde, that is six pumps. How many have had to be replaced since 2004? How hard was it to troubleshoot and identify the bad pump(s)?
This is SORT of on topic as we are discussing pros and cons of several smaller pumps vs fewer larger pumps. Yeah, it's a stretch..
My car has not seen much usage since 2004 so bear that in mind with my answers. One Carter lift pump dropped out, easy to identify. These ****ers are noisy.

If I was building the car today I would have a good solid look at the latest fuel pump technology and determine if my current setup is still the way to go. I've got twin surge tanks and then through a large regular to custom fuel rails, braided lines all through.

You should only have as much pump as you need or else you're just heating the fuel as it travels forward and then back again.

Once you step up to methanol or E85 obviously your needs increase.
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