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So I ran into problems after finally swapping my booster cause of that annoying sounds I've been getting in the cabin when the pedal is depressed.

I have successfully installed the booster and had to remove the abs unit + the brake lines connected to it. I bled the brakes and went in to start te car discovering that my brake pedal goes straight to the floor. I still can drive the car but need to floor the pedal to stop. I believe that since I disconnected my brake lines from the abs unit it introduced a lot of air in the module that is a PITA to get out. Is there any way to bleed the air our? I have the Motove power bleeder and tried the 2 man method twice. Still no cure.

I have heard the dealer has a special machine to "tickle" the unit to remove the air. Or I can find some gravel to activate the dsc to get the air moving. Anyone experienced this and found a solution? How much would the dealer charge?

Thanks guys!
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