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Update: So I met with the CFO for lunch on Monday. It was a very easygoing meeting with a free flowing conversation where we talked about everything from family to where grew up to interests to some job/industry related topics. Lunch was about 90 minutes.

Tuesday morning I got a call from the HR recruiter that the director of the PE firm would like to chat with me over the phone and that the CFO wanted to personally make the call to my 3rd reference. He did confirm that it was down between two people but that my chances were greater than 50-50.

Wednesday morning the CFO called my 3rd reference and spoke with them for 30 minutes and I spoke to the director of the PE firm for over 90 minutes (call scheduled for 60 minutes).

Then finally, Thursday evening I get THE CALL from the HR recruiter congratulating me and that they would like to present me the offer Friday afternoon over the phone.

So the phone call took place on Friday afternoon and they detailed the offer (I asked if there was flexibility in improving it and they said NO as they were giving me their best offer) and I accepted verbally. Within 1 hour of the call I had the offer letter in my email inbox. The CFO emails me late in the evening saying how he heard the news that I accepted the offer and how excited everyone is about me joining the team.

I'll be submitting my resignation letter with a 2-week notice first thing Monday morning and will start the new job on Nov. 5th after taking a week off to decompress and get everything in order.

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