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Before I bought the car in early 2009, the first thing I did was research stereo options. After a few times poking around, find out about BSW and the potential release of a plug and play amp for the 10 speaker sound system that would match their Stage 1 speaker upgrade. Cost effective, decent audio was my goal at the time. Car currently has BSW Stage 1, RF 1000.1 driving two Boston Acoustics 10" G5 (from another car, not super ideal.)
My idea if I didn't go this route would have been to use two RF360.2 and go full active, 3 way set of Focal in front, 2 way in back. By the time you add some decent amps in, without subs I can easily see $10,000+ without install. Would this kick as$? Yes. Would I put a sound system in this car that exceeded it's value? No.
At this point, this car has the worst sound of my fleet, and being my DD I have learned to live with it. I would be all over this amp, I don't have the time to build what I want; and not willing to just drop it off at La Jolla Audio and say go to town.
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