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Originally Posted by xecure View Post
What are the issues with the fan motor? btw i used the car's hidden functions to check the voltage (ref: )

I connected it to the battery terminals in my trunk. My car is in the drive way and it's a bit difficult to get another car's hood near the front of mine.

The battery is 2.5 years old, I think it's still good.

How much longer do i have to leave them connected? Also i thought I was jump starting the car by connecting the battery to another car's battery.

It can be a 'good' battery that's just lost its juice...from too many short drives and not enough long ones.

Make sure the starter cable is tightened (under + terminal).

You do jump start the way you said...though our hood terminals put power closer to the starter.

Leave the cars hooked up a few mins. at least.
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