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I don't like the left turning, resistance thing. Revisiting the shop may at least get the wheel dead center but stress the new symptom. Something is loading the pump effort if it conducts back to the steering wheel. Like a bind or bent arm tracking wrong.You don't indicate which wheel struck the pothole? I'm guessing left.

Sometimes, we become hyper-sensitive after an incident like this. The shop may believe you just "think" this issue is new. Support your statement describing why you know it's post service. Make sure you're satisfied they serviced and inspected it properly. Sometimes you're getting boldly lied to or they're idiots and really believe "it checks out fine". That's where you seek a good independent shop and get a second opinion.

Laws of physics are pretty clear. When you have a smack down with a pothole that lends you desperately weaving about to see if all wheels are still intact while glancing in the mirror checking for suspension parts rolling around. Yeah, something may have tweaked, deflected or otherwise changed mechanical properties? I have to add that living in pothole town myself, these babies are tough. No major problems in three years of crater exploration and nose dives.
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