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Let's point out CCV is slightly more than a fast and easy change out. These systems are fussy. The thing is a plastic array of plumbing that has challenged even good DIY's. Early years have other considerations and upgrade options. Basically, It's a "catch can" recovery system that returns blow-by oil back to the crankcase. That sounds straight forward but things needing research include narrow diameter dipstick passages known to freeze and clog the return in cold weather and insulated tube sleeves added with the "cold-weather" kit. Your order may need these "fixes" with upgraded part numbers.

The parts require creative technique to install. There are several tips on pre-connecting pipes and fiddly bits to learn the feel before attempting it blind on the car. Guys have cheated the slightly warped tubeage with heat-guns to allow fitment. Others have forced things to sort of fit hoping engine heat will form them into alignment. Just sayin' this should not be represented as a quick and dirty install.
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