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Originally Posted by EverydayGetaway View Post
Because I have hobbies that involve me taking friends on short road trips quite frequently and more space wouldn't be a bad thing. I enjoy driving, and I'm happy to be everyones go to car, I get road sick as a passenger. So if I could attain more space and get pretty much the same mileage and sporty feel, that's extra bonus. I'm definitely going to go test drive a few, I was just wondering if the E39 chasis has an Achilles heel, or just general feedback, so for that I thank you
I'm getting an E39 for the exact same reasons as you. I test drove a 2001 530i/5spd/M-sport that my friend was going to buy about a year ago and it felt just a sporty as my 323i/sport, save for being faster. The previous owner kept egging me on the whole time, from the back seat going "yeah, you can easily go 75+ around this corner, and that one up there you can do about 55 before the back end steps out" He was a lawyer in his 50's, maybe 60's and had just bought a 535i M-Sport 6MT - he just wanted to get rid of it since he didn't have room for two.
The 530i is essentially the same car as an E46 330i when it comes to engine/drivetrain/etc. Same goes with the Z4 3.0i.

Now my friend wants a truck again, so he's planning on selling me that car as soon as he finds what he wants. He offered me his with an impeccable interior and exterior for $5500, and I've seen the maintenance records going back to 3k miles - dude spared no expense.
I've already got wheels and snow tires for it and a machine shop quoted me ~$75 to bore them out to 74.11mm

I will miss the zero oil burning of the M52TU though. My Z4 eats about a quart every oil change (7500-8000mi)

The style 42's are awesome. Almost as awesome as M-Pars, but without the 18" tire cost.

I say go for it! You won't regret it!
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