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Originally Posted by keepbreakindown View Post
Took my car in to get the rear wheel bearing replaced. The mechanic just called to say they can't do the wheel bearing because the ebrake "can't be removed, it's just stuck there" and he doesn't want to damage anything trying to get it off. Then the dreaded words...."you might have to take it to the dealer."

To be clear, the ebrake isn't stuck as in the wheels don't move. In fact it's too loose and doesn't hold the car on a hill. I'm too lazy to adjust the bolts under the handle. I'm pretty sure he's unable to physically remove it to get to the wheel bearing.

Has anyone ever experienced this? I haven't looked at it myself yet.

Thanks to anyone who might give me some insight.
Very common- there is a hole in the rotor that is the e brake caliper adjustment- if you use a falt head you can turn the wheel/gear and tighten it as tight as it goes- this will allow you to take the rotor off and continue from there-dont try and force it the ebrake shoes are attached to the main dust cover and you can pull the fu**er right through...leading to more issues
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