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Nevermind, got it 2 minutes after posting that... haha. For others reading this in the future:

-Don't even bother trying this unless you get a flex head ratchetting wrench. It's worth whatever you have to pay. I can't believe some of you did it without. You're machines.
-On the XI no way the starter comes out the bottom. I still opened the bottom as you need to free that Vac canister and also for wiring/maneuvering the starter. I pulled the top of the air box and upper intake boot/MAF/Vac lines (broke the F connector of course). You have to jimmy it around the brake reservoir area down below, past all the heating hoses, then you can get it up.

What a PITA. Worst thing I've ever done in my life. My hands hurt soooooo bad. I have giant hands, and am a mechanical n00b though and could still do it, so anyone can... says the guy who still has to hook up the power wires and test it... haha.

I also love how most replacements are quite a bit longer... you know, since there is so much room to work with to start off.
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