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After having the WINCE unit for over a 1/2 year here are some things that I have noticed:

The rubber coating on the knobs began to peel off. Even when I first received the coating had small imperfections on the edges. Ended up just peeling it all off and its much better.

The built in mic worked great when I first got it, now its completely useless. From what Ive read theres no plug for an external mic, are there any other options to fix the built in one or tap into the internal one?

Tried 3 different antenna adapters and still cant get the radio to work. Im thinking of just adding an entire antenna to the unit, does anyone have suggestions on this?

The most annoying trait of this unit is when you turn off the car, then turn it on again it goes to a random menu. And when I turn it on it usually goes to the radio which doesnt even work.. Has anyone figured out how to keep it saved to a certain menu?
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