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Thanks Stinger for your reply, I'll keep the fuel pump in mind but like to try some other options first as they can be expensive. What about the Idle control clean or CVV?
I just really want to get rid of this rough idle and stalling.

I've looked up CVV and read a few articles and I'm still trying to diagnose if it's the CVV. A few say the following to test:
Paper (or a plastic freezer baggy) over the warm-engine oil-filler opening as a visual vacuum test (1)
Should move inward one inch or less
Some say it should improve the idle if the CCV is bad (1)
Some say you can feel the vacuum by hand (1)
Inflating balloon (or glove) over the dipstick as a visual crankcase pressure test (1) (2)

I've tried placing the paper over the oil filler when in idle, but lots of air comes out of the opening, blowing the paper away, is this normal or should I take it as a bad sign? Before I can lift the dipstick fully out, it losses rpms and nearly stalls so I'm not sure if air is going in or out of the dipstick.
Any other ways to see if it is the CVV.
I've look at all the nearby hoses and they all look in pretty good shape, some even look new. I've had the car 1 year, done 7k this year, bought with 77k miles.
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