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Talking to Jake this week about 60-130 times got me excited to go out and make a run or two in this car. So, first let me get the particulars out of the way, 70% ethanol, full tank of fuel (1/4 tank pump and 3/4 sunoco e85), Hankook 275/35-18 (lol...yeah I know tell me about it, but needed tires that fit in a hurry) about 55 degrees out. So first pull was iboost 3 and I hit it hard at about 45 mph, car went completely sideways at 70. First time the Proefi traction control hasn't been able to keep it straight...also only second time at iboost 3 . So, back down to iboost 2 and then eased in to it from 45mph full throttle around 80 mph. With decent tires, 85% ethanol and max boost settling, and no modulation of the throttle this car is going to post some pretty quick 60-130 times.


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