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In theory the chart seems accurate. Again, not sure i'm worried about a notch different on my car.
When I first put on the rear bar, I drove like that for a few days to see what only a rear bar would feel like.
Car handled much better, but as I pushed it, I realized that the increased handling prowess came mostly from the rear. Car would go around corners with more flatness and stabiliiy, but as I pushed it harder, I realized the rear end was lighter than before, and if I really pushed things, I'd be seeing the rear end swing out to put me in a spin. So not a great idea to leave the car that way in case a drastic move caused the oversteer to spin me out in a corner. And that was without the new front bar even installed!
So I'm not thinking one notch is critical. I've pushed the car very hard now and it seems close to neutral for my purposes.
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