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Originally Posted by Sentaruu View Post
quick question, whats the difference between the BCM standard barrel, and their BFH barrel. i know that the BFH is cold hammer forged, but how does that make it different performance and durability wise in comparison to the standard?
The metal is a lot harder and more resistant to heat and wear. As Serbonze pointed out, it will last a lot longer than normal cut barrels. Average carbine barrels are good for 10-15k rounds, but CHF (BFH) barrels are good for 40-50k rounds. It's basically a high-service barrel and given that they're only $100 more in most cases, it's by far a better option than a conventional chromoly barrel. If you plan to shoot a lot of XM193/855 ammunition that is much higher pressure, it's a good idea to run CHF since those loads will burn out other barrels faster. They don't seem to do that with CHF barrels.
One caveat is that SBR barrels do not last as long carbine length barrels, so your service life for a 11.5" won't match that of a 16".

Originally Posted by Adam@Euro-Spec View Post
In the classes you attended was anybody running stainless steel barrels or all bhf/chf? I need to pull up the weight spec differences but i wasn't sure how ss barrels held up on heavy rates of fire.
SS barrels will have about 10k before they degrade to the point where they need to be replaced. This is dependent upon ammunition and service load (how much you shoot and how quickly you shoot it). SS barrels are exceptionally accurate, and usually will shoot sub-MOA with quality ammo. The pros is heavier, more rigid barrel with more accuracy. The cons are lower round count barrel life and higher weight.
If I were to be building a fighting carbine in 5.56, I'd use a CHF barrel. If it's a precision 5.56, it's a SS barrel.

I've never seen anyone running one in the classes I've taken; at least to my knowledge. However, that's not saying much since BCM has basically dominated the classes I've been at. The most recent one was actually dominated by Huldra Arms, but that's because half the class were Huldra employees.
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