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Originally Posted by nnacpil View Post
Got my first kill yesterday haha. I picked up a friend who hasn't ridden in my car yet and was doing a couple of pulls. A Dodge Caliber SRT (lame I know) passes an intersection while I was sitting at a light to go his direction, and I hear his blow off valve. Anyways, I catch up behind him and he's trying to mess with a Vette which wouldn't race him. So I pull up next to him and give him the friendly "nice car" nod, next thing I know he's honking three times and off we go. Needless to say I pulled a couple car lengths and had to let off because a car was ahead of me. Pretty much a second to third gear pull. Meanwhile, my friend is laughing like a school girl in the passenger seat because that was his first time riding in my car and it happened to be a quick friendly run haha.

I know it wasn't a high powered car like a Vette, GTR, etc., but it was my first run since I got the car. We pulled in a lot and spoke a couple minutes. His caliber pushes 425whp on pump and like 5xx something on race gas. He also has a neon SRT pushing 6xx whp on race gas. We plan on setting one up for that run.

Sorry just wanted to share.
LMAO, Alright Noel!!!!

I Like those Caliber SRTs.... there a Better option (to me) than your typical civics, Accords,Carolla's,Scion SCs,etc,etc but they stopped making them. (probably cause its a Dodge and kept falling apart) but good shyt.

keep it safe though bro
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