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4chan finds Amanda Todd blackmailer......wow

cliffs for you guys who have been living under a rock the past week.

-*12y old* Girl flashes on cam then later gets a facebook msg saying to do a show or all friends get the pics.
- Pics were sent to her friends/family.
- She got bullied in school over them, people telling her to kill self.
- Guy uses her for sex when he has a gf.
- She moves around a bit, story follows her, tried suicide but fails.
- Makes 10 mins youtube video telling whole story.
- Killed herself at 15, story goes viral, internets justice demanded (cause no-one gives a fuk about anything till they're awared and it's normally too late).
- ******* blackmailer is found.
- If him then his life is probably fuked far beyond random pizzas delivered, his jobs listed and I'm sure there's jailtime for blackmailing children and possession of child ******


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