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Originally Posted by TR4G- View Post
You guys need to mellow out. This is a niche community and will remain alive for a while. They told us about the amp before they started working on it because they thought we might like to know. Just because they haven't released it yet doesn't mean they are unprofessional or deserve to be berated constantly by the very people they are helping. It will come. Have some patience and maybe even a little respect.
3 years later and still no ETA in sight...there's absolutely nothing professional about that. No, I think people have been patient enough, now it just looks incompetent on their part for overshooting their abilities in R&D. You must remember, we are the customer, don't tell the customer of a product..list it on your website and then leave them hanging for years. It's more disrespectful of them not to say anything then us questioning their abilities as a company.

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