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Whats up everyone??
just got a bmw a decided its time to introduce myself. I will use this thread like a diary for my BMW

soo, My name is Mike, 17 years old, still in high school, got a little experience in working on cars but nothing too big but i gotta say im pretty good with tools, that should be enough of me haha been looking around here for the past like 4-5 years so i know whats going on around here.

Now for my car,
1st car for me
2002 BMW 325i
5 speed
luxury package
Steel Gray on black

Got it September 19 with about 73,300 miles. Looked good and ran allright. Had a couple problems but every used car does.

one of the problems ,the biggest one probably, was that it had a rough idle sometime, when i took it for a test drive (about 10-15 miles) it idle rough like once or twice. Didnt really think about it too much, thought clean the TB and it should be good.

However, since i got it I did a couple things.
Oil change
spark plugs

and today cleaned the icv (TB was already clean, i was surprised)

cleaned the ICV and got it freed up. What also surprised me was that i had no crack in the upper and lower boots.(idle still gets rough at times)

When I took out the DISA (its in good condition) one thing concerned me and im pretty sure that its not good. When I looked into the opening where the DISA goes i found this

Its not just sludge. it felt like sand a bit so i took apart the airbox and found this

Now this cant be good

Still got the rough idle. It seems to be more common when the temperature drops. No check engine light. No codes. Dont see any cracks in any of the hoses in the engine bay.
Should i do the fuel filter next?? or something else??

As for customizing it i got a few ides. Dont worry im not going to put 22' chrome "rimz" on it haha
I will be going for OEM+ look
more on that later on. First i gotta get it running right.
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