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Trouble P0340... I'm a BOOB... over did it!

So I took off my DISA to check it (its good) also to check and tighten all hoses, boots and clamps after I cleaned my MAF (again) TB and ICV. I used MAF cleaner the ICV got freed up a bit, cleaning the TB this way way a waste of time though. I put everything back except the little bracket that connects to that electrical box, the black piece that goes on the same 10mm under the DISA and hooks on the the harness like support. ANNNND MY DUMB ARSE drop the short 10 mm screw thats for the wire harness box. it fell down on to the splash guard got to get a replacement. Other than that everything went ok. But when I start her back up I had a loose clamp in the upper boot, that made my engine light come on tightened things back up and i was fine. So I'm on my OCD cleanliness BS and decide to Seafoam my engine via vacuum/ brake booster line, again. I went inside the house for a hot second (20 mins) to watch my Giants beat up the 49'ers and came back out. She smoked the way she's supposed to and i revved her for about 5 mins after the smoke lightened up. engine ran ok. went back inside for like 20 more mins came back out to go and get my engine code erased and checked and MY Shyt STARTED WIGGING OUT ON ME!!! Sputtering as if she were gasping for air... and then she crapped out on me!

So I chilled for about 10 mins, fired her back up she idled weird then smoothed out, cool. WHEN I DECIDE TO PULL OFF 3,4 mins laters she sputtered n died. left her running for about 10 mins and i was fine. WEnt to auto zone to use their reader and got a code P0340 Now she only has this hesitation it didnt have before.

I'm putting the little bracket (that hooks on to the edge of the harness back on in the morning and head to my homeboy's shop to figure this headache now.

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