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[Long read] I want to play a game!!

I want to try something. I know alot of you guys in here think you know what's up when it comes to 'The Game' so let's give it a test.
I'm willing to do basically exactly what you tell me to do. And I'll report back. It can become a game/bit of fun. I'll give 3 scenarios, you can pick all 3 or just focus on one.

I'm 23 years old.
I've got a few girls on the go at the moment and really havnt got it going anywhere with any of them.
I know it sounds a bit cocky that I'm saying I've got a few going but take into account that I've never been in a proper relationship so I've always been basically open to meeting girls left right and centre.
I can count about 8 girls right now that ive been in contact with .
To save confusion I've picked 3 for you guys to choose from. I believe these are the best as each "relationship" is at a different point.
Enough about that, I'll give the 3 scenarios.

Lauren: I met this girl at university back in 2010 I think? I met her through a friend, who I no longer talk to (we just didn't keep in contact after uni). Lauren and I had none of the same classes, and hardly saw each other at uni. She added me on FB after we initially met. Started talking and met up for a drink one night. She's a good looking girl. But a little f**ked in the head. Shes been with a heap of guys. A very close friend of mine is friends with her on and off again boyfriend. My close friend does not really like this girl. He also dosnt know that I know her afaik. We've been out on a couple of successful "dates". She acts like a spoiled brat sometimes and is pretty materialistic. She's into the finer things in life. Shes older than me by about 4 months. We've been intimate before. She earns more money than me (she dosnt know this)
I'm seeing her on Friday, we're going out to dinner (expensive restaurant)
We plan every single meeting. She likes order and plans like me (Im OCD). We never to anything off the cuff.

Chloe: Met this one at uni too. Through her ex boyfriend. Honestly wasn't interested in her for about the first 12 months I knew her. Again no classes together. Can't remember how we became close but we did become friends ye frien zoned. Which i was ok with. I wasnt interested remember. I've seen her go from failed relationship to another a few times. She picks the biggest idiots to go out with honestly. This is when I guess I fell for her. Seeing her go through this made me want to show her how it's done. I've told her about Dates I've taken girls on and she's seemed impressed. I asked her out once. She said yes, then changed her mind. She got into another crap relationship and broke it off. About a year passed, I've asked her out on a date again. She said yes again. I've spoken to her on the phone since then, but I didn't mention it. I want to catch up casually then ask her again.
I've never even kissed her.
Shes about 3 months younger than me. Earns less than me. Im i guess more cultured than her. She dosnt care about the material things.
I want to see her this weekend. She hates to plan things. Im OCD and have to plan everything. This is the one thing that annoys me about her. Every one of our meetings is organised on the day.

Lucy: hardly know her. Met her at a model event. I was hung over as f**k and wasn't in the mood at all to flirt with models ( unlike me lol).
Anyway she came over to a group of us boys. Stood really close to me (I've got OCD and it made me feel weird) so I backed off. She was talking to us and seemed real nice. Anyway she's still at uni and wanted me to tutor her next sem. So we part ways. End of the day comes I say good bye and she's like are you going to help me with my course work? I'm like ye here is my number. She msgd me a day later saying it was nice to meet me blah blah blah . I said add me on FB. I've sent her a msg saying "we should catch up for a coffee or something" she said after her exams which will be over 1st Nov 2012. I'm thinking of contacting her after that.
Think she's 21 .. I'm 23 remember.

Massive post I know but hopefully worth it!!

I know most of you will take the piss. But hopefully some of you give advice and I'll post up results and see how it goes.

Oh and sorry about the "fake account" I can't post under my real name. Please let it go!
Thousands of posts on here.

Also sorry guys cant post photos. Wish I could. I really do!

Cheers fellas


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