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Sorry, I lost my internet this weekend... and the wonderful cable company says they can get to my place until Wed...

Shipping is too expensive to lose money and pay for it. $300 +shipping

If you're within 3 hrs of here you have no reason to not meet me half way to get this for the dirty cheap price of $300!

Answered 1 metric F-ton of PMs for this thing.

This thing shouldn't still be in my garage guys! Some one jump on it before someone else does!

BTW: I just sent out a PM to you ^^^ aaaaannnnd This is a custom electronic unit that emulates the signal from the downstream o2. You just need to cut the signal from the downstream sensors and solder this back into there. You'll grab power from a constant source that activates when the ignition is turned on and ground it out wherever you can find a bolt with some bare metal. It doesn't matter if you have headers on the car or factory manifolds
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