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Originally Posted by Forcefed M3 View Post
The S54 in my opinion is superior to the 2jz-gte. Both have the same amount of main bearings. Both have oil squirters and both are straight 6 motors. But to even get into the same horsepower level with the S54 head, the 2jz-gte would need head work. Just my $.02
I have to disagree somewhat. I have a car at the shop that is a 9.8-1 2J 3.4L and it made 950 rwhp with a 6766 and 1130 rwhp with a 7275 turbo. The car's head is stock except for kelford cams. The 2J is simple bullet proof in stock form up to 1000 crank HP and when built it has been engine dynoed well over 2000 hp. It has propelled many cars to low 6 second quarter miles and over 250 in the standing mile. The stock head / stock cam setup on the BMW does flow quite a bit better on the BMW though. I am not sure that anyone has really pushed the BMW engine with the proper parts. Maybe with a larger intercooler, bigger cams and a better exhaust manifold the BMW would prove superior? It certainly does outperform the 2J at lower boost levels but there seems to be a bottle neck somewhere. And don't forget that you do not have to sleeve the 2J block to handle high HP. Both are great motors though no doubt!
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