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Silver330, I know the engine wire harness can be trouble on these things, I have done some inspection of it, some cleaning of connectors. None of them are burned. Will do more as I get time to dig around in there. Haven't seen anything suspect yet. I think the 1500 code may be crap, I have a perfect idle, the icv plug looked ok. It only throws that code periodically, the aformentioned failure normally occurs w/o check engine light. Also, as previously stated, failures happen on light throttle, icv should not be working then as far as I know. Almost like the computer is guessing at something that COULD be wrong.
A bit more info...if I put this thing right in the danger zone for a failure speed-wise but hold it in 4'th gear, it won't fail. 5'th or top gear is fine UNTIL you reach about 60-65 mph or above. At that point a failure is almost gauranteed. Thanks to all you guys for input! I'll post as soon as I learn anything else.
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