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Originally Posted by bekurt View Post
I won't get any further into it as my intent isn't to belittle BSW, but to express my sincere opinion. As a business, I'd hope they see this feedback as invaluable as we are clients that care enough to tell them what we want and what we don't like. As a matter of fact, if they were to announce an official release date with a pre-order link, I'm certain most on here would still support BSW, despite their shortcomings on time frame delivery.

My current solution is MS-8, Full Active, HAT L6 and L1 up front, factory mid-bass in the rear deck, and a 15" ID Infinite Baffle. Much more than I wanted to spend initially, but it was down to BSW or go all out.

Anyway, I don't want this thread to go off-topic, just wanted to express my opinion.
I agree 100%, despite the wait and lack of communication I know they'd release a great product if it were ever to happen...and I'd get right in line to purchase it.

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