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MY name is Rich the Owner of Rack Doctor and an Avid BMW enthusiast. I would like to thank all the members of the forum for the years of business and 1000’s of racks I have sold to fellow forum members. BMW rack and pinions are among my favorite to build because we all at Rack Doctor are enthusiasts. While I have gained a great deal of knowledge from the forums for my own BMW projects at time we have to weed out what information we want to use and what we want to discard. When I am able to find someone with actual knowledge of a product and get them on the phone I am usually thrilled that I can ask a question and get an answer from someone with years of experience. Because I read a few threads on exhaust far from makes me an expert on exhaust. This being said……..

I would like to do a little recap. I did (personally) receive this phone call from the ......“gentleman” and allow me to explain the pace of the conversation. When a customer calls a business with an elevated and arrogant tone and claims “I ordered a rack for a 1999 E46 and you sent me a rack for a 1999-2001 E46 this rack is crap and completely useless to me “ this will normally set the tone for the rest of the conversation.

We shipped what the customer ordered by his own admission the customer went on to say he wanted a rack that was produced between January and April of 1999 We would have been more than happy to accommodate this customers needs as we stock all of the E46 racks. Rack Doctor’s Phone number is clearly marked on the web site. A simple pre sale phone call or even a note in the comments box at check out would have taken care of the customers desires. However because the customer has read a few threads on various forums he went ahead and ordered a rack for a 1999 E46 (that is what he did get) and hoped it would be an early production date unit. This is when he was told he rolled the dice rather than calling and now you are bitching about it as if it is the manufactures fault. The Customer was purchasing the unit to go into his 2001 E46 (NOT A 1999)

The conversation went on and as I made an attempt to help the customer asking if he would help with shipping costs or the cost of the core he was completely unwilling to accept any responsibility.

I have struggled over the years to keep our prices deeply discounted selling this unit for $164.95 with free shipping and a lifetime warranty. While many manufactures just lump all the E46’s together we have broken it down because I don’t think it is fair that someone with a 330 ZHP should have to pay more because there are people who want to upgrade. For this reason we do not swap cores if you want to upgrade your steering give us a call in 80 percent of the cases we will work with you to get you what you want in a deal that is fair to both of us. On some racks we can’t do this because the cores are just not available like on the Z3 upgrade, but a 99 E46 isn’t a problem LOL.

When asked about his core he went on to say that he was sending back his core and we “HAD TO ACCEPT IT” because it doesn’t say cores had to match on the web site. When I asked if he was ok with screwing us out of the core and the shipping he said “YUP” (FYI it does say cores must match in the TOS) this is the cussing he is referring to. I recently purchased an M3 engine for My Z3 I didn’t expect them to take my 2.8L engine as a core (why would I) we recently changed my partners transmission on his 99 E46 from automatic to manual transmission we did not expect them to accept his core why would we. However with a simple phone call I was able to work a deal where they simply purchased these units back at fair market core value.

The customer never mentioned “Over boosting” but claimed the turn ratio was different as I tried to explain the turn ratio is the same.... he went on to tell me how incorrect I was and didn’t know what I was taking about (I have been building rack and pinions since 1986 perhaps I missed the thread he gained his vast steering knowledge from)

This Customer wanted us to send him a rack only produced from January 1999 through April of 1999 (13 years ago) to upgrade his steering with no presale contact. Then expected us to accept any core he wanted to send back and when he did not get the specific rack he wanted. (because we can't read minds) expected us to pay shipping in both directions again all for $164.95 a unit through BMW that runs $1000.00 this is when he was welcomed to send the unit back. If he had been willing to help with shipping costs he would be getting the rack he wanted.

Many years ago I read an article that explained while we own a business we really work for our customers. I couldn’t agree more. However just like a business that has employees that do not perform to the bottom line will be fired there comes a time when you have to fire customers as well. This being said I did indeed tell the customer I did not want his business. I may go on to say the customer mentioned in his posting that “we would not even sell him the correct unit” so apparently it was not a problem with the quality just that he made an error and didn’t want to pay a dime to accept responsibility. At this point he started making threats about the forums and claiming he was going to put a dispute on his credit card by this time I had had enough and said send the unit back we DO NOT want your business. Years ago my father told me “never argue with an idiot because people will wonder who the idiot is” this saying has stuck with me through my life.

I have gone to great lengths to separate the units out by year so when you order a unit for your vehicle you will get what you ordered so the enthusiast with the 2003 330 ZHP rack doesn’t get a rack out for a 2000 323 rack I am more than happy to help people upgrade their steering systems but If I upgrade everyone at the same cost we will not be able to keep our pricing as low. Ironically for about $40.00 I would have upgraded him to a ZHP rack as I have done for so many on these forums already. The $40.00 is the difference in core cost (that’s MY cost)

When we order parts today it is a very Rare thing to get an owner or even someone with product knowledge on the phone, this I know because I order parts daily. When we do finally find a company that answers the phone insulting them is not usually a great way to try and get them to help you. to upgrade your vehicle. After 25 plus years in the steering industry being spoken too in an arrogant condescending way will always end with the same result and I would expect anyone who works with me or for me to handle the situation in the same manor.

As we order parts for our Bimmers and wonder why does this part cost so much there is a simple reason it is due to customers like this that drive the prices up for all of us in the end.

We thank you for the continued support of Rack Doctor Quality Steering units (at deeply discounted prices)

The Rack Doctor

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