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Originally Posted by joeski3d View Post
Kaput, you can teach your kids. That doesn't mean you have some sort of telepathic mind control. She certainly knew what she was doing was not wise. It was an effort to get attention. And it worked... in the worst possible way. Bad parenting? That's a bit of a stretch considering the information you have.
That is the point. SHE knew what she was doing was not wise. The 12 year old made a decision to do something. The tdchnology was not at fault. I would bet, that the parents (if both are around) will be seen on 20/20 crying about all the attention they gave their kid, and we will find out she was bad in school, and just wanted a huig. The world will cry, and parents around the globe will go drilling out iMacs and laptops so their kids won't get caught up with some pedophile online.

Fact is, that if as a parent, you stand up to your kids, and learn to talk to them, and teach them right, things like this are a non-issue. Sure they will mess up from time to time, but not like this.

Originally Posted by Cobra View Post
what does a 12 year old need a webcam for? and what 10 year old has "friends around the world"? are we talking about e-friends? if so, that's where many internet related problems begin.
My nephew has friends that live in various places around the world. The town where we live is a major military hub, and families move here and leave all the time. It is vary easy to acquire friends everywhere if you live in a place like this. He plays minecraft with them and chats over facetime.

Sounds like you should have listened to Joe when he said "bit of a stretch considering the information you have".

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