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some conversations between myself and Rich, I wrote:

ood afternoon. The rack I needed was before 04/99. For racks made from 04/99 to late 2001, BMW added "boosted steering." They even had a recall where they were putting in later years. The issue is two fold. First, the site never specified a production month just the year. It is partly my fault for not verifying the order before ordering. When ordering though, I was not aware the the change happened in '99 and thought it was in '00. I say partly my fault because I was not contacted via email or phone before the order shipped. The site also does not have a place to specify production month had I know.

Second, I was upset when I called because I only had this weekend to do the work and it was clear I would not have it in time and now had to find it locally. So when I called, with a demanding tone I admit, you respond with: curse words, saying I am "bitching," an even more hostile tone and saying you will not sell me the proper rack. I even asked on the phone why are you are cursing. This is customer service? When a customer calls upset, instead of deescalating the situation, exploring the problem, you run your business by being rude and threatening?

This is at odds with the reputation you have on various bmw forums. I appreciate the full refund, and when I see it I will cancel the dispute with my card. If I also get an apology for cursing at me on the phone, I will retract posts I made on several bmw forums where I am a long time and respected user concerning this situation.

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