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he writes:

Yes this situation was not handled as properly as it could have been. Let's be real here. the start of the conversation you claimed "we messed up !!!! the rack we shipped was wrong and was ..... "****" calling me and insulting our product out the gate lit a fuse. on a day when I was not on my game I had come from oral surgery earlier in the morning. none the less calling with an aggressive tone insulting our product when we did nothing wrong would probably not end well either way.

If you feel you need to bash our business that is entirely up to you. in the end the only people you will hurt will be other forum members from getting what they need. A simple pre sale call would have fixed the entire problem pointing fingers is senseless. when there are hundreds of members who have had a great experience with us, and one who did not I think the members will push through it. so I will let you do what you think is right.

In the end this should have been handled differently and there is a comments box on our web site you could have just sent a note through with the order. We as far as the order is concerned did Nothing wrong you ordered a rack for a 1999 and we shipped a rack for a 1999. you never mentioned over boosted you said "turn ratios are different" on the phone ..... they are not ...... on the 1999...... the upgrade you were looking for in my opinion is no real upgrade. that is why I kept asking what were you trying to do.

I was unaware that you even put in a claim with your credit card which really doesn't matter your refund was issued within 20 minutes of hitting our door. (we conduct honest business) I have been rebuilding rack and pinions since 1986 and an avid BMW enthusiast myself (I have 3 including a 1999 E46) I consider myself pretty well versed in the steering and suspension. I am sure I could shout out to the 1000's who have bought racks from us to counter your thread but what would it gain. (I may have a little respect out there too).

In the end I will do what I can to strive for even better customer service that too many is considered already outstanding. If I may offer a small bit of advice for your future purchases from whomever. if you are trying to do an upgrade make a call first it will save time, money and aggravation. there is a difference between reading forums about things and actually hands on building 1000's of units. When I am doing a project on my own BMW's I usually go with experience as well as a little reading to get the best results, and if you should ever have a problem with a vendor product calling with an aggressive tone will never end in the results you are looking for. The guy your mad at may just be the guy who has the real answers and product you wanted.
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