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Originally Posted by jpark74 View Post
I challenge you to look at the big picture and turn this into something big. You can take this idea to Kickstarter and I'm sure tons of people will support you with funding.
What you're proposing is putting a $150-$200 android tablet (think Google Nexus 7 or the newly released Nook 7" tablet) into a din slot and integrating it professionally. I'm sure with the proper funding, you can get this done right and make $$$$ for yourself, while keeping the price to under $400 or so (definitely not going to cost $800). It's just a matter of integrating is professionally.

It would be a HUGE win for both you and everyone out there wishing for a better android unit in their car. What do you say!!
I would kick the living start out of that!

But seriously, been trying to figure out what to get for my newly acquired e46 and got really excited when I discovered the dynavin units, and then really deflated when I started reading about all the issues with their actual operation. Been thinking for a while about how cool it would be to integrate a Nexus 7 into a vehicle.

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